What is Gross Sexual Imposition?

Many people in Ohio may not be familiar with the charge of gross sexual imposition until being charged with this crime. Gross sexual imposition forbids one from having have sexual contact, or non-intercourse sexual relations, with another under certain circumstances. This crime is a felony sex offense and may result in a prison term as well as mandatory sex offender registration.

Although the charges may be difficult to understand, the consequences of a felony conviction for a sexually related offense are often clearly serious and devastating. The Martinez Firm, has over 10 years of experience in providing professional, discreet legal representation to people in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Our goal is to prevent a conviction and to minimize the effect these charges have on your life, your reputation and your freedom.

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Ohio Defense Attorneys: Gross Sexual Imposition

Gross sexual imposition is a felony sex crime you can be charged with as a result of being involved in any of the following situations:

  • If you purposely compel a person to have sexual contact by force or threat of force
  • If you prevent resistance to sexual contact through the administration of a drug, intoxicant or controlled substance
  • If you have sexual contact with another person when you know that the other person’s ability to consent is substantially impaired by the use of a drug, intoxicant, or controlled substance
  • If you have sexual contact with a person less than 13 years of age, whether or not you are aware of the age of the person
  • If you have sexual contact with a person when you know that the other person’s ability to resist or consent is substantially impaired by a mental or physical condition or advanced age

The Martinez Firm believes in learning every side of the story when constructing the best possible defense for our clients who have been charged with gross sexual imposition. We will question all witnesses and challenge any problematic evidence that may be used against you.

If an acquittal is not achievable in your case, The Martinez Firm will pursue all other available alternatives including, reductions in sentencing, alternatives to incarceration and treatment options. As the client, you will always have the final say prior to the acceptance of any plea agreement.

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