If your child has been arrested for underage drunk driving, you likely have many concerns as a parent. What are the potential penalties? How will this affect his or her future? How can you avoid future problems with teenage drinking and driving offenses? Our law office addresses your questions honestly and go to work immediately to protect your child’s interests.

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Ohio Underage Drunk Driving Laws underage-drinking-arrested

Ohio laws involving underage consumption and underage drunk driving are very harsh. Minors caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 percent or higher (but less than .08 percent) will be charged with Operating a Vehicle After Underage Consumption (OVAUC). Underage drunk driving with a BAC over .08 could lead to a conviction for Operating a Vehicle under the Influence.

Underage Drinking Consequences

Underage drinking and driving offenses carry penalties of up to 30 days in jail, a $250 fine and a license suspension of 90 days or up to two years (for a first offense). Although the prosecution may make you a plea offer, you should strongly consider the implications of the plea. Most initial plea bargains offered to juveniles not represented by a lawyer will still involve a conviction on their criminal record and up to four traffic violation points on their driving record.

Ohio Underage Drinking & Driving Defense

At The Martinez Firm, we are concerned about each client. We address your questions immediately and honestly. More importantly, we go to work hard to protect your child’s interests. Whenever possible, we pursue alternative sentencing that focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment. This allows juveniles to turn their life around and move past their mistakes without a conviction following them into the future.