If you are charged with a Drug DUI/OVI charge you can face severe penalties, such as extensive prison time, so it is important to trust your defense to someone who is familiar with all the charges and circumstances leading to this arrest.

Ohio Drug DUI Chargesdrug crimes

In 2006, the state legislature of Ohio passed a law making it illegal and unlawful to drive with drugs in your system. You can be charged with drugged driving if you have illegal drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, in your system, even if there is no actual physical impairment. The charges for a drugs OVI offense are approximately the same as those for drunk driving.

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Ohio Drug DUI Defense

Our firm is able to lodge successful challenges to blood, urine and Breathalyzer/breath tests that can help keep you on the road. We provide confidential representation and have a team of treatment professionals we can call on if you need help getting through a substance abuse issue. Attorney Hector Martinez even spoke at the Ohio Judicial College on the changes in the law concerning drug OVI charges and is very familiar with the legal requirements.

Additionally, our experienced drug charge defense attorneys can also help you with any other drug crimes you have been charged with that resulted from being pulled over for drugged driving. This may include drug trafficking, distribution, possession, or if the police believe you are part of a larger narcotics ring, they may use this evidence to help form a federal conspiracy case.